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Featured Sculptures

Ranch Horse
This larger than life ranch horse in Colorado is made from Pinion Pine driftwood, reclaimed Juniper fence post and old wooden corral fence rails. The horse was placed enabling the owner to view sunsets thru the horses heart as well as the summit of Mt.Shavano a 14,200 mountain peak.
First Friday Sept 2018
Here are the sculptures I created for Sept 2018 First Friday including a large wall sculpture of sailboats emerging from a storm and into the clear, a group of sailboats just having fun, a coffee table with beautiful sea glass, a peaceful zen beach, and a relaxed new horse. As usual, my pieces are intended to inspire resilience. I am happy to report all five prior sailboats sculptures have gone to happy owners for some favorable winds armchair sailing !!
Relaxed Horse
For those of you who have been around horses you know they really don't relax that much. As a prey animal, it just doesn't pay to let your guard down. But even horses need to restore their energy by relaxing. I hope this horse brings you calm, soothing and relaxed energy.
Into The Clear
Here is a closer look at "Into the Clear", a piece I created for the Sept 2018 First Friday. I intended to create the feeling of relief when moving away from a storm and into the clear blue. On a deeper level, I intended to demonstrate it is about learning how to dance in the rain rather than get thru the storm.
Sailboats Having Fun
This little sculpture is about having fun!! A group of friends free as the wind having a wonderful day sail.
First Friday June 2018
New work for June 2018 first Friday. A large beautiful sail scene created from Turquoise, Driftwood and steel called "Out to Sea"Another horse caught in mid stride made from steel, juniper and barb wire. A small sail sculpture made from driftwood, turquoise and steel. Both sailboats sculptures are sold.
PVB Honorable Mention
This sculpture is a Ponte Vedra Cultural Center Member Show 2018 Honorable Mention winner. The show is open until March 3, 2018. Come on out and take a look at member art work. We are grateful to have the Cultural Center as a cherished community resource.
Brand New Work
This horse is featured in a full page April article in Old City Life Magazine regarding the Ponte Vedra Beach Cultural Center.
First Friday January 2018
First Friday January 2018. Lots of new fun sculpture to view. The herd of steel horses from November 2017 have moved to the Ponte Vedra Cultural Center for a 2018 show. Wishing you peace, joy and resilience in 2018. We are all connected.
SOLD to local art lovers.
This curious guy is made from blue barn steel. He just has to see what’s on the other side of the fence.
Marsh Bird
SOLD This beautiful Marsh Bird went live in New York.
This horse is made from reclaimed barn metal aged to perfection. He is about two feet long and 20 inches or so tall.
Bucking Horse
SOLD This rodeo star went to live in Atlanta.
Mine Steel Horse
Horses were the engines of early western mines. This horse is made from discarded steam boiler steel, mining cable, discarded mine shack steel roofing , mounted on a beautiful piece of Arizona onyx with a sliver of turquoise inlay. You can just feel this proud resilient horse and the spirit of the west.
Prize Winner
This Mule won first place professional sculptor in the Chaffee County, Colorado Open art contest. The mule is made of copper, steel, rope and wood. A wonderful courageous women took him home to live with her real life beloved mules.
Beach Garden
Thisgarden sculpture is made from Chinaberry wood and reclaimed Colorado ranch juniper fence post. The owners love the ocean, mountains and nature. When they return from their beloved cabin to begin their work week, they are reminded of and inspired by ocean and mountain resilience.
Garden Sunrise
This garden sculpture is made from chinaberry wood, turquoise, and steel. The sculpture represents the sun rising over the blue ocean. The bird on sits on top just waiting to take on the day. Resilient nature.
St Johns County Project
This sculpture is a gift to the St Johns County Florida community garden. The sculpture is inspired by native american dream catcher legend. While the garden has but one intent, to grow life, the gardens immediate next door neighbor has but one intent, to take life. Garden and gun range share a property line. What a juxtaposition.